Our room diffusers are made of best quality essential oils. Our clients can create their own bespoke scent or order one of our popular lines. The scent is always created to client’s specific taste. The mixture can contain just a few essential oils or it can be much more complex. We always produce 100 ml of the bespoke oil or multiples of 100 ml.

We have three different types of bottles of different styles, design and capacity: 100 ml., 40 ml., and 20 ml. Our customers decide how many bottles they want to order and also the amount of bespoke oil.

This offer is for individuals as well as for companies, boutiques, spa salons etc.

Our most popular offer is the Seasonal Service. We create a special blend with you every season.


Our luxury bespoke massage oils are now available. The massage oils can be created based on your own individual perfumes or be made specifically for the occasion. Our clients can decide which carrier oil they wish to use accordingly to their type of skin or preferences. They can also create their own blends of massage oils or ask for a special type of blend eg relaxing, rejuvenating, moisturizing etc.